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Gord McKenzie gord.mckenzie at
Mon Jul 24 11:19:38 EDT 2006

I am looking for a little help.  I have been looking at Map Guide Open
Source for some time and am having what seems like performance problems.
Here are some details.


I have installed and configured Mapguide on 4 machines.  A test and
production server at the office and a couple of test machines at home.  3
are running Server 2003 and IIS 6 and I have the Studio preview.  The third
machine is XP Pro with IIS 5 which I know is not a server OS.  I am only
using the AJAX viewer so far.


Creating maps with one or two or three layers of shp data loaded and
converted to SDF.  Tried various levels of thematic styling from default to
a simple color ramp sample on land use.  The SDF files are only about 3 and


In the Studio preview windows and in weblayout preview, the performance is
spotty and usually slow.  By spotty I mean sometimes I get just the preview
window with all the layout type elements like titles and legend etc., but no
map display and no zoom control.  Other times I get everything as expected
but even at times like this the performance is slow.  Like 8 seconds to zoom
in on a few parcels.  This is all on the internal network or local machine
where I am testing and developing.  If I get all three layers on and in zoom
scale range, the performance is even somewhat slower.  This is consistent
across all my 4 testing machines.  


I feel as if I am missing something obvious here.  Does anybody have any
suggestions of things I could be looking at or trying.


One of my home machines could be considered underpowered by todays
standards.  The rest should be pretty good.


2 machines are 3.2 GHZ, 2GB ram, 160GB SATA in one machine and 80GB SCSI in
the other

1 machine is 3.4GHZ 3GB RAM, 160GB SCSI. 

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