[mapguide-users] Using Symbols strange behaviour... BUG?!

Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
Tue Jul 25 07:39:30 EDT 2006

We now installed Mapserver Enterprise on Linux (RedHat), and strangly
enough the symbols are shown correctly here?! Isn't that strange? I
packaged the map from the windows server and loaded it on the linux...


Also, the Linux version is about 3-4 times more quickly than the windows
server. The linux now has a PIII proc, while the windows has a Xeon.
When map loading time on Windows is about 15-20 seconds (depending on
the map of course) the same map on the Linux server loads in 8-13


I now have set up a map that loads in 5 seconds. Zooming and panning
takes about 2 seconds. And it has not failed to load yet! 


I only hope that we can still use access databases...






Van: Willem Schwarte [mailto:willem at giskit.nl] 
Verzonden: maandag 24 juli 2006 13:45
Aan: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Onderwerp: FW: [mapguide-users] Using Symbols strange behaviour... BUG?!


Okay, also some new info on this one.


Seems the rotation now goes as expected (symbolen_refpoint.jpg). Except
the reference point setting does not work as expected, no matter where I
set the point, the image always displays the same on the map.
(symbolen_setting.jpg for the settings).


The textlabel shows the correct reference point. I would have expected
the center of the symbol on the start of the textlabel.






Van: Willem Schwarte [mailto:willem at giskit.nl] 
Verzonden: vrijdag 30 juni 2006 11:46
Aan: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Onderwerp: [mapguide-users] Using Symbols strange behaviour





I am trying to use symbols (png) but it does not quite work as I would
like it to.


The normal.jpg is the map with symbols loaded normal, but when I change
the reference point in studio, the symbol stays at the same spot?


If I use a rotation angle (rotated.jpg) the symbol gets a black colored
part in it?


When importing rijdende-afzetting3.png in symbol library, the
transparency is lost? Is this not supported? 


Code_b.png is the original picture.




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