Installing MapGuide Web Extensions in alternate location (IIS Installation)

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at
Thu Jul 27 19:19:47 EDT 2006

In case anyone else is interested in installing the Web Extensions in an
alternate location (IIS Installation), the following changes need to be

* Install package
 - Specify custom installation and change installation path for each of
the packages

* File Locations
 - Even after changing the install directory in the installer, most
files will be placed in the default location.  Move these manually to
the new location

* PHP.INI file
 - Change the extension dir setting to the correct location

* mapguide/webconfig.ini file
 - Change the ResourcesPath setting to the new location

* Environment Variables
 - Alter the values of GDAL_DATA and PROJ_LIB.  
 - I also added the PHP directory to the path; not sure if this is
* Registry
 - Alter the location of the MapAgent.exe and PHP-CGI.exe paths stored
in the following registry key:

 - Change the location of the following virtual directories:  
   - mapguide
   - mapguide/mapagent
   - mapguide/mapviewerajax
   - mapguide/mapviewerdwf
 - Change the following application configuration paths
   - mapguide application:  remap the setting for .php to the new
location for the FCGI ISAPI dll
   - mapguide/mapagent application:  remap the setting for .fcgi to the
new location for the FCGI ISAPI dll
 - (IIS6 Only) Change location of files in Web Service Extensions to
match their new location

There are a couple points in there where you may need to stop/restart
IIS to unlock files or make it reregister ISAPI settings.

You'll probably also want to change your webstudio/config.xml file to
point to your site.

I think that's everything that I did.  If you follow these instructions
and are still having problems, please post here; I may just have missed
a step.

It would be great if the installation package for both the Web
Extensions and Server allowed installation in an alternate location


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