[mapguide-users] "Proteced memory" error in Studio

Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Fri Jul 28 10:44:24 EDT 2006

Hi Marcus,

Could you send me the file so that I can take a look at the problem?


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Subject: [mapguide-users] "Proteced memory" error in Studio

I tried to upload a DWF file to my MapGuide server using Studio Preview 
and got the following popup window:

     "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an 
indication that other memory is corrupt."

Any idea what that actually means?  Could it be a corrupt DWF file, or 
is it something incomplete in Studio (it's just a preview after all)?  I

had a friend try it on his installation and it did the same thing.
I can open the file just fine with the AutoDesk DWF Viewer (although it 
does take a suspiciously long time to come up)...

As a followup, is there an alternate "manual" way of getting a dwf file 
into the MapGuide server rather than using Studio?


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