[mapguide-users] Use ODBC data for tool tip

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Hi Thomas,

on your datasource for your layer you need to execute a join.

The primary column is for the key column from your datasource that matches a key in your odbc datasource. The secondary column is the join key from your ODBC database.

When building your layer you need to select the extended feature class name from your join. If the layer is already built you will need to reselect the datasource to populate the drop down. Otherwise build a new layer.

When selecting the geometry use the original geometry from your datasource, do not use the new geometry from the join.

You should see the new columns from your odbc datasource appear in the layer properties. Change the Display name if you like.

You should then be able to use the new columns in the tooltip expression.


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we are trying to get the data out of a joined ODBC database for showing them as a tooltip ... Is there any documentation or any tip available ?

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