SDF file won't load in Studio. File too big?

Robert Leeman rleeman at
Fri Jun 2 11:11:05 EDT 2006

Do we know if there is a size restriction on SDF files that can be loaded in 
Studio?  The largest file I have been able to load is 148Mb.  I have a 
couple of other files over 200Mb that will not load.  After trying for a 
while, Studio reports "Site... does not exist or internet connection has 
been lost...".  The same problem was discussed on this list on March 22 but 
I did not see a resolution that works for me.  I am doing this with a 
localhost server using  local data so it's not a remote server access issue. 
If there is a size restriction then that should be addressed and, in the 
short-term, is there a work-around?  BTW, my SDF files are valid as they 
work fine in Autodesk Map 3D 2007 and are the proper MGOS SDF version.

Also, I concur with previous discussion that suggests that MGOS should use 
data source pointers instead of having to make additional copies of source 
data in the library, both to facilitate data updates and to cut down on 
redundant use of drive space.

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