SDF file won't load in Studio. File too big?

Robert Leeman rleeman at
Fri Jun 2 11:46:44 EDT 2006

Further to my email below, I don't think the issue is with Studio.  I can't 
publish a 266Mb SDF to MGOS from Autodesk Map either.

Bob Leeman

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> Do we know if there is a size restriction on SDF files that can be loaded 
> in Studio?  The largest file I have been able to load is 148Mb.  I have a 
> couple of other files over 200Mb that will not load.  After trying for a 
> while, Studio reports "Site... does not exist or internet connection has 
> been lost...".  The same problem was discussed on this list on March 22 
> but I did not see a resolution that works for me.  I am doing this with a 
> localhost server using  local data so it's not a remote server access 
> issue. If there is a size restriction then that should be addressed and, 
> in the short-term, is there a work-around?  BTW, my SDF files are valid as 
> they work fine in Autodesk Map 3D 2007 and are the proper MGOS SDF 
> version.
> Also, I concur with previous discussion that suggests that MGOS should use 
> data source pointers instead of having to make additional copies of source 
> data in the library, both to facilitate data updates and to cut down on 
> redundant use of drive space.
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