[mapguide-users] Google Maps and KML Support

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Tue Jun 13 17:22:41 EDT 2006

Yes, I am creating  KML and KMZ files on the fly from MapGuide Open Source
data.  This was originally written for Google Earth, but now Google Maps can
read that same information with very little code changes on my part.  You
can see my Google Earth demo site here:
http://mapguide.spatialgis.com/mapguide/GoogleEarthDemo  This was written
with help from Jason Birch and Bob Bray and then I rewrote it in .NET

I agree, for large datasets KML is certainly not a practical format to be
reading over the web.  That's why using network links and dynamically
building the KML on the fly for each view works so well.  This also allows
data-rich object interaction so we can do cool stuff with the information
balloons.  But, there are still practical limitations and using WMS and
converting that to KML image overlays on the fly as Jason has done looks to
be a good solution for Google Earth (nice job, by the way, Jason).  This can
also be done for Google Maps as is demonstrated here

I spent most of the morning reworking my code so that my KMZ files could be
read in the new Google Earth 4 beta.  I don't know what Google did, but it's
not as forgiving as GE 3 when reading the zip format.  I still can't get KMZ
from the same code stream to work in Google Maps and I'll probably have to
wait until Google actually publishes some specs on this new functionality
before I can completely sort out the problem.  KML from my code is working
fine, however.


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Andy, could you please confirm what you have done?  Are you using mapguide
open source to create kml files that google maps and google earth can read?
If so, what happens if your kml files start to get very big ie over 20megs. 
Shouldn't we be using wms with google?
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