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Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Wed Jun 14 11:34:59 EDT 2006

For integrating WMS with Google Maps, I used some previously developed code
by Brian Flood and others.  A link to Brian's blog on this topic it is
included  on my demo site at
http://mapguide.spatialgis.com/mapguide/GoogleMapsDemo/.  Once you have the
WMS code for Google Maps, it is very easy to implement.  You will have to
expose your layer(s) in MGOS via Studio to WMS (right-click on the layer and
go to Properties/WMS) and then you can easily make WMS calls to them.  You
will have to tweak the Google Maps code to correspond to your server, layer
names, etc. but it's pretty straight-forward.  For this piece of my sample
application, there was absolutely no MGOS API coding required and everything
is done against the Google Maps API using client-side JavaScript.

For the second piece of my application, displaying Google Maps placemarks
for parcel centroids dynamically from MGOS, there was a fair amount of
programming required.  Both on the Google Maps API and MGOS API sides.  Let
me know if you are wanting to do something along these lines and I'll do my
best to help.


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This is all good stuff...I was planning on putting this off a bit, but you
guys sparked my interest and I'm now playing around with it.  Is there any
documentation with MGOS on the WMS/WFS implementation?   I'm developing with
.NET C# and would like to do something similar to what Andy has done.   Any
info is appreciated.

- Juan
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