[mapguide-users] postgresql connection with ogr/odbc

Butler, Juan P jpbutler at co.pinellas.fl.us
Thu Jun 22 16:52:03 EDT 2006


Wow...Another Munsys user.  Good to hear.  I like that idea of the full
native PostGIS provider.  

Hey Jason, are you streaming Oracle Spatial data out to Google Earth?
I just started and I'm quite impressed with the performance.  Especially
with the parcels.  I know the users that use Google Earth (like the news
media) will like the fact that we can stream our datasets out to them.
Just wondering if you're doing a lot of streaming from Oracle Spatial.

- Juan

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Me Too :)

Ideally, I would like to have a fully-implemented (Oracle-equivalent)
PostGIS FDO provider, whether that's through OGR or as a native
provider.  This would allow me to use PostGIS with Map as well as
MapGuide and avoid stumbling over the OracleLocator to OracleSpatial
$100k+ tripwire.  I'd still be using Oracle for the Autodesk-promoted
solutions (Munsys in my case), but could keep this on a CAL-based level,
and use PostGIS for everything else including internet mapping.  If this
took off, maybe the Oracle-only solution providers for Autodesk would
consider providing support for PostGIS as well.

Folks that I've talked to at both Refractions and Autodesk figure that
PostGIS support through OGR should be good enough, but I got a chance to
talk to Frank this week and he had some concerns about using OGR for (if
I recall correctly) fine-grained updates.  I'm wondering how many users
running PostGIS as the back end for MapGuide it would take before we
could collaboratively come up with an imaginary $20k to develop a full
native PostGIS provider, including long transaction support.


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Are you just started out using the Postgresql for your GIS data?  How is
it working out for you?   Just curious.

Juan Butler - Senior Programmer/Analyst
GIS Applications
Pinellas County Information Systems
jpbutler at pinellascounty.org

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