[mapguide-users] postgresql connection with ogr/odbc

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Jun 22 17:09:48 EDT 2006

Munsys is a pretty good solution for our users.  Great fusion of a
reasonable update interface and querying capabilities.  It's caught on
pretty strong in this part of the world, thanks to some aggressive
marketing by Autodesk and some fairly successful municipal
implementations.   On the downside, I'm not all that happy with the
roads data model, and I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling about what's
going to happen to it with the promotion of Topobase.

I'm trying to avoid purchasing a processor-based license of Oracle, so
that if we do end up having to go to Spatial, it's only $1100/user
rather than $65k/processor.  Unfortunately, that means not allowing
direct public access to the data.  All of the data I use in my web apps
are converted into SDF or SQL Server.  Not a very nice solution, but the
MapGuide FeatureService makes it fairly efficient.  It's nice to be able
to access the data as objects rather than having to parse the WKT.

(those last two sentences brought to you by the requirement to stay at
least partially on topic...)


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Wow...Another Munsys user.  Good to hear.  I like that idea of the full
native PostGIS provider.  

Hey Jason, are you streaming Oracle Spatial data out to Google Earth?
I just started and I'm quite impressed with the performance.  Especially
with the parcels.  I know the users that use Google Earth (like the news
media) will like the fact that we can stream our datasets out to them.
Just wondering if you're doing a lot of streaming from Oracle Spatial.

- Juan

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