OGR Provider w/ PostGIS Support

Curtis W. Ruck ruckc at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 11:50:13 EDT 2006

I know the OGR Provider w/ PostGIS is kinda new.  Because I think the mapguide set of tools has the best interface and ease of use I want to see it survive.
I am currently having a few issues with this:
    1) When i setup the data layer in MapGuide Studio i can't choose a view from postgres.  I can only choose a table.  As a workaround i wanted to see if i could filter the data, which brings me to number 2
    2) I want to filter the data on a timestamp field.  In the MapGuide Studio interface i can't select the timestamp field to do a filter with.
    3) Because i can't do the two top items, its crashing the mapguide server because the table i am trying to draw on the screen has some odd 300,000 records all with a geometry column.  Other than that though it looks good, just wish it would work.

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