[Help] to Make AJAXViewer run as .WAR, Map doesnot show up, and the security integration

Frans Thamura at Intercitra frans at intercitra.com
Sun Jun 25 11:50:59 EDT 2006

Hi All,

I am a Java programmer, and have

I just finish install MapGuide Open Source, and I see the module put in
/www/*, and the apache will redirect all the java stuff to tomcat.

the port are 8008 for httpd and 8080 for tomcat

i try to run the ajaxviewer in tomcat, the map sheboygan is not show up,
because i see that there is a agent.exe that must be executed, CMIIW.

i just think, why dont we make the java sample become a .war, so, i can
integrate the viewer with my own security which it is based on filter,
is it possible?

is my opinion right?

my question is
1. do you all have tips to make my apps can integrate with Map Guide.
2. is the map guide development only Java Script, is there another method?
3. anyone have success create a google map like system using Map Guide?
4. What is MapGuideJavaApi.dll, MapGuideUnmanagedApi.dll, MgCommon.dll, 
MgCoordinateSystem.dll, MgHttpHandler.dll, MgMdfModel.dll, 
MgMdfParser.dll, MgWebApp.dll. I see Map Guide implement JNI.


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