[mapguide-users] Why Nobody answers me? Fw: Really Need Help with MapGuide Studio and MGOS

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Subject: Really Need Help with MapGuide Studio and MGOS

Hi all.
I've encountered some problems using MapGuide Studio 2007 Preview with MGOS:
1. It sounds MGS doesn't work with MGOS 1.2RC2 because it shows the message ' MapGuide Studio is incompatible with this version of Site Server'. Am i right? (although i've downloaded that dll and install it)
Installing MGOS 1.1, i had these problems:
2. I cannot load dwg files to MGS. I don't know why but according to its Getting Started i had to be able to do this.
3. When i wanna load Raster files to server it shows the message " Server does not support requested Provider: Autodesk.raster
4. I established an Access DB connection, after saving it and testing connection it returned some errors (error 599)
5. I wanted to style one of layers but i wasn't able to view that layer receiving this error "XML page cannot be displayed. A name was started with an invalid character. Error processing resource"
I appreciate any help because i'm a newbie to MG
THX a lot

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