[mapguide-users] GIS data sources

George McLean gmclean at gorge.net
Sun Dec 2 11:50:48 EST 2007

I know this is not really a mapguide question but I thought I would 
throw it out to this group anyway.

I am working with a group that wants to create a set of tiles similar to 
Google maps. The number of zoom levels will be less than Google and will 
not zoom in more than about the equivalent of Google's zoom level 10.

I thought I would try making some test tiles using mapguide to see if 
they will work with this group's in-house GIS application. The coverage 
of the tiles is worldwide and I am trying to find sources of data that I 
could use for the base layers. I would like to show political 
boundaries, water bodies and major roads. I have not found anything that 
gives worldwide coverage so I am thinking I need to piece this together 
from various sources.

Does anyone have any suggestions on data sources that I could download?


George McLean

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