[mapguide-users] Problem in loading SDF data in Mapguide Webstudio

Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Mon Dec 3 09:30:13 EST 2007

I have no experience, using the WebStudio SDF loader.
You should be aware that event though the file format is called SDF, it 
is incompatible with the SDF format used for MapGuide 6.5.
MapGuide Studio can convert from SDF to SDF+ (the latter being used in 
MapGuide OS / EP).

The MGP packages are merely Zip files with a command list. It will do 
the same as you do in Studio, create feature, upload data, etc.

If you can get to editing the FeatureSource, you should be able to set 
the path directly, instead of uploading the file.

I had no trouble loading the Sheboygan data, and it contains layers, 
features and data as it should.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Parvatha skrev:
> Hi Kenneth,
>  I am clear with studio and web studio now. As you suggested I have tried
> loading someother SDF (world.sdf) in web studio. But that is also not
> getting uploaded. I have attached the screenshot of the result also. Even I
> have installed freshly and tried then also the same problem. I want to know
> where is the problem exactly. 
> I have created the folder called "world" then i have created one feature
> data named "world data" and then i have created layer named "world layer"
> then i gave the world data source.
> Do i need to keep sdf in any separate folder? Can you please tell me the
> sequence of loading sdf data?
> Otherwise do I need to create only .mgp files and load all the layers?
> Because the sample sheboygan data is in .mgp format. When I load this using
> load packages in admin login form then only the sdf's are getting loaded in
> the data folder.
> Can you please clarify my doubt?
> Thanks and Regards
> Parvatha
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p14128091/data-err.bmp data-err.bmp 
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p14128091/layer-err.bmp layer-err.bmp 

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