[mapguide-users] Trouble with postgis provider

Andre Schoonbee andresch at iway.na
Fri Dec 14 02:56:46 EST 2007

I have tried using the POSGISFDO connector on windows .And it works fine to
the extend that I can connect to the database and see the tables and
columns. I have generated a map but nothing s then displayed on the screen.

Any ideas?

Anther question on this, will this Postgis connector be included into later
versions of MGOS?


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My understanding is that the PostGIS provider looks at the
geometry_columns metadata table to determine which tables are spatially

This provider is still in alpha/beta mode, and you are more likely to
get a knowledgeable reply on the fdo-users mailing list.  


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From: dorra2007
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Trouble with postgis provider

The problem that it skips also the new created spatial tables!!!!!!! How
could the postgis provider make the diffrence between the spatial and
non spatial tables!!!
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