[mapguide-users] Fusion... getting started.

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Dec 18 15:19:26 EST 2007

Hi all,

I just noticed that someone uploaded some documentation on Fusion :)


These still look a bit "beta" (ie. incomplete), but there is some good
information in there.  I would suggest ignoring the "Installing and
Configuring" doc.  Start with "Introduction" (briefly), go on to
"Generic Web Mapping Application Components", then "Widget Concepts",
and finally "Create A Basic Web Mapping Application".

There is also a new template called "learn" in Beta2.  This template not
exactly basic (it looks a _lot_ like the familiar AJAX viewer) but is
well commented.  This appears to be featured in the "Create a Basic..."
documentation; perhaps the link will be tighter once the documentation
is complete.  It is a good starting point for beginning to understand
some of the more involved Jx layout capabilities, advanced widgets, etc.

Here's a hint by way of Chris Claydon...  If you are trying to figure
out the parameters to a specific widget, they should be documented in
XML files in this folder:


If you are starting down the path of figuring out how Fusion works, you
might also find a snippet that I recently put together useful:


( or http://tinyurl.com/26mmh8 )

Let me know if you try this out and it doesn't work :)  I did just test
it under Beta 2, but you know how those gremlins work...

You don't need anything more complicated than a text editor for any of
this.  Of course... the hope is that eventually there will be tools that
make this a lot easier.


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