[mapguide-users] search error: "Identity property type notsupported yet (8)"

Brad Nesom kidsmake6 at msn.com
Thu Dec 20 11:46:59 EST 2007

  It sounds very much like an issue in some past threads. I had the problem
that ArcSDE was defaulted to Unicode so all the fields in my tables were
Unicode. This only made the values in the text fields incompatible as
numbers are universal. The fdo for arcsde doesn't seem to support Unicode.
After making all my sde layers Unicode=false I am able to view text fields
(values). Noticing you have mg ent I would submit a support request to
Autodesk and ask them to research the problem. I assume you are using the
autodesk oracle provider. ? Autodesk would be the one to talk to about that.

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I'm working with MapGuide Enterprise and Studio 2008 German Edition in
combination with Oracle 10g. Everytime I try to use the MapGuide internal
search function I get this Error: "Identity property type not supported yet
(8)" or "No Matches". 
I try to search for streets, but regardless what streetname I enter, I get
the these error messages.
I use this filter "name" LIKE '$USER_VARIABLE'. I figured out, that the
search function works fine when I use a SDF-File instead. So is the MapGuide
search function not able to work with Oracle? Any ideas what's wrong? 


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