[mapguide-users] search error: "Identity property type notsupported yet (8)"

Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Thu Dec 20 14:51:04 EST 2007

Is the primary key a double?
Try using a single integer column as the primary key.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Michael L. skrev:
> Hi,
> I will test the Unicode issue tomorrow. I already informed Autodesk about
> this problem, but still got no reply. I'm under time pressure setting up a
> working GIS so this forum is really helpful for me. After I posted this
> error message I found on Jason Birch's homepage a sample query "MapGuide
> Open Source / Enterprise GT - Test Application". This code sample is
> fantastic. The query works without any problems in combination with Oracle
> 10g. So I'm able to search my data. Thanks a lot Jason for this code. 
> Michael
> JasonBirch wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> When you're using MapGuide Enterprise, you're also using the proprietary
>> Oracle provider, so others who are not using Enterprise can't help.
>> Have you tried the open source SL-King Oracle provider?  Lots of people
>> are using this sucessfully with Oracle.
>> http://www.sl-king.com/fdooracle/fdooracle.html
>> It might still be a MapGuide problem though (I have no idea what type 8
>> would be... what SQL type is your identity column?).
>> Regardless, you may also want to submit a problem report under your
>> Autodesk subscription.
>> Jason
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>> From: Michael L.
>> Subject: [mapguide-users] search error: "Identity property type
>> notsupported yet (8)"
>> I'm working with MapGuide Enterprise and Studio 2008 German Edition in
>> combination with Oracle 10g. Everytime I try to use the MapGuide
>> internal search function I get this Error: "Identity property type not
>> supported yet (8)" or "No Matches". 
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