[mapguide-users] Alternative to AutoDesk MagGuide Studio

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Dec 21 11:50:44 EST 2007

Kenneth is pretty active with MapGuide; you'll find quite a few posts
from him floating around, tickets (sometimes with solutions), etc.  It's
an open source project, so you have to define what you mean by support,
but I believe that he is actively developing the program.

I don't think that the MapGuide PSC has figured out what the official
stance on this is, but my personal opinion is that given the lack of
resources devoted to web studio, this could be a good option once it's
out of alpha.  Apparently it runs under Mono...

I personally prefer the responsiveness of a desktop application for
MapGuide management, so if I wasn't using the Autodesk product, I'd
probably be spending more time using MapStudio Open Source, providing
feedback, etc.


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From: Diego Guidi
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Alternative to AutoDesk MagGuide Studio

I'm trying right now with mapguide 2.0.0 and of course the program crash
(a message says that this version is newer that the version tested for
The program in any case looks interesting, I'm curious to see if it's
supported by the author...

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