[mapguide-users] Alternative to AutoDesk MagGuide Studio

Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Fri Dec 21 12:58:05 EST 2007

Yes, I am actively developing it, and yes it works with MGOS 2.0.
I am working on a Fusion editor, but have some rather heavy academic 
projects at the time, so it is not as active as I had hoped.
Currently, most basic stuff works, but I have left out some parts, ea. 
Line widths in styling and so on.

The most usefull feature is the ability to edit the Xml directly in the 
interface, without having to post the xml manually into the mapagent.
This allows you to edit the Fusion items before the Fusion editor is 

I use it regularly for examining the actual contents of data in the 
MapGuide server.
It can be used to set a layer to point at a different resource, whitout 
resetting the layer styling (of course it may be broken afterwards, but 
thats your responibility to check).
It can also rename a layer/map/layout and update all pointers to the 
resouce. Same goes for creating copies of a folder, where the new copy 
will point to items the new items.

I have recently read the "manual" to the Fusion elements, and I have 
some basic stuff for editing a Fusion item.

If anyone is interrested in contributing to the project, drop me an email.
I have yet to figure out how to open an anonymous SVN repo over apache.

As for inclusion into the MapGuide project, I would like it to be a 
seperate project, with its own project page, wiki, bugtracker etc, and 
not be part of the standard MapGuide installation.
I think that makes more sense, as it is not tied to a server installation.

I have been to busy to follow up on the formal procedures for applying 
for project approval, and I will focus on developing a stable version 
before pursuing an official "osgeo" project page.

Supported? Well, you can ask any questions about the code or 
useinterface, and I will try to answer.
I cannot promise that my answers will be swift, or bring you closer to 
your goal.

It also works with MapGuide Enterprise, but it is not supported or 
affiliated with Autodesk.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Jason Birch skrev:
> Kenneth is pretty active with MapGuide; you'll find quite a few posts
> from him floating around, tickets (sometimes with solutions), etc.  It's
> an open source project, so you have to define what you mean by support,
> but I believe that he is actively developing the program.
> I don't think that the MapGuide PSC has figured out what the official
> stance on this is, but my personal opinion is that given the lack of
> resources devoted to web studio, this could be a good option once it's
> out of alpha.  Apparently it runs under Mono...
> I personally prefer the responsiveness of a desktop application for
> MapGuide management, so if I wasn't using the Autodesk product, I'd
> probably be spending more time using MapStudio Open Source, providing
> feedback, etc.
> Jason 
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> From: Diego Guidi
> Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] Alternative to AutoDesk MagGuide Studio
> I'm trying right now with mapguide 2.0.0 and of course the program crash
> (a message says that this version is newer that the version tested for
> mapstudio).
> The program in any case looks interesting, I'm curious to see if it's
> supported by the author...
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