[mapguide-users] MG 2.0 BETA...question about Digitizing & Redlining - easy change shape.

Maciej Skorczewski maciej.skorczewski at procad.pl
Mon Dec 24 04:24:17 EST 2007


that is no problem - i ask because i want to know ,is there any samples, 
any (protytype) code for that....

if you know any other samples in this topic i will grateful.

ps. did you know any samples of new 2.0 MG?


Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S pisze:
> I have not seen any functionality of that kind.
> There is the selection, digitizing and editing of an object in 
> OpenLayers / Fusion.
> I have not seen any function that can save this back into the server.
> It is fairly easy, as the edited object can be extracted into WKT, which 
> can be used to update the featuresource.
> It does require some coding though.
> Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

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