[Mapguide_users] WMS looking for help!

Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
Thu Jan 11 09:42:35 EST 2007

Hi Janne,


The URL to use to access MapGuide as a WMS server is http://<yourservername>:8008/mapguide/mapagent/mapagent.fcgi, so in order to retrieve the WMS capabilities for your server, try:




This should return an XML document listing the server's WMS capabilities. If you have successfully set up the service properties for one or more layers, those layers should be referenced in this document.


You cannot currently group multiple MapGuide layers and expose them as a single WMS layer, but you can include multiple layers in a single WMS GetMap request.


I hope this helps. If you run into problems, please post the response you get from the above request, and provide screen captures of your service properties settings.




Chris Claydon.



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Joined the mailinglist to learn more about the mapguide software, and whats in the air among users. Im not sure this is a forum for help, but its urgent now when Ive succeeded to fix a map using my ArcSDE-server data and got it published in the browser using the AjaxViewer, BUT I dont understand how to publish a WMS service. I am using the MapGuide Studio and have Apache server listening to port 8008. All the configurations are default.


In the Mapguide Studio I have finished the  Layer Properties>Service Properties tag, but dont know how to get the WMS into my MapInfo or ArcCadastre softwares. The WMS service doesn't show up...


Is it possible to publish more than one single layer in one wms service with mapguide?


Is there anyone that can send a hint? I would be greatful!



Thanks in advance,

Janne Bjurström

 jan.bjurstrom at lm.se <mailto:jan.bjurstrom at lm.se> 



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