[Mapguide_users] CGI QueryMapFeatures

Scott Hameister ScottH at mPower-tech.com
Thu Jan 11 11:45:08 EST 2007

Is there any documentation on the FCGI OPERATIONS and params Yet?
Since the WebAPI is so wrapped around it it would be nice to no what
parameters are available...
When I goto http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/index.html
"OPERATION=QueryMapFeatures" isn't even an option...and I'm assuming even
this site doesn't give all the options of FCGI params either.

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I can't find documentation on the FCGI operation QueryMapFeatures
When I change the ViewerAPi Code where it filters by the selectable and
visible layers " LAYERNAMES=" + encodeURIComponent(GetVisSelLayers())"
To a list of Non-visible layers it doesn't work....
....I want users to be able to select features using the geometry on layers
that are not visible as well for parsing purposes? Can I use this Operation
for that

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