[mapguide-users] RE: [Mapguide_users] MGRenderingService QueryFeatures

Scott Hameister ScottH at mPower-tech.com
Fri Jan 12 11:59:06 EST 2007

I'm going to reword this hoping it sparks some interest....

I have a Geometry Variable (geom) equal to:

POLYGON((13383.143956941916 5108123.520005487, 41288.72069078572
5108123.520005487, 41288.72069078572 5091167.27038247, 13383.143956941916
5091167.27038247, 13383.143956941916 5108123.520005487))

I need to get it into the proper format (MgGeometry) for this call:

RenderingService.QueryFeatures( MgMap map, MgStringCollection layerNames,
>>MgGeometry<< geometry, int selectionVariant, int maxfeatures)

I'm using:
"MgWktReaderWriter" to send the variable into the RenderingService using:

GeometryFromWkt = MgWktReaderWriter.Read(geom)

It creates an MgPolygon Object...But the QueryFeatures function won't
run....Is this the wrong Geometry type or the wrong geometry level?

I checked with GeometryFromWkt.IsValid() and it responds Yes?

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