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Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
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For the versions, MG still uses 6.01 and 1.2.  DWF Viewer 7.x supports
Are you using IE7 / DWF Viewer 7 SP1?  I'll try plotting with DWF Viewer
7 SP1, but I don't have IE 7.  If I run into the same problem I'll let
you know.  Otherwise it's likely it's an issue with IE7.


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Hi all,


I am working with the DWF plotting example (plot.aspx / plottask.aspx)
included with the Sheboygan dataset under MGOS 1.0.x.

First, the sample uses "6.01" and "1.2" respectively for the DWF file
version and schema.  My clients have the 7.0 (patched) DWF client.  Can
MGOS write to DXF 7.x?  If so, how do I determine the proper file
version and schema to use?


Second, somewhere along the line, plotting to DWF broke for me.  Many
things have changed since I recall plotting to DWF successfully
including upgrading both Internet Explorer and the DWF client.  The
error I get is that the path to the DWF is not correct.  The browser
tries to write?/read? the file in ...Local Settings\Temporary Internet
Files\Content.IE5\filename.DWF.  The Content.IE5 directory doesn't exist
here however.  


Any idea what might be happening here?  






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