[mapguide-users] Studio and moving folders...

Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
Tue Jan 16 07:35:25 EST 2007

It would be nice if you could move a folder to another subfolder and be
able to keep theming rules. 

If I try to move a folder, now the reference is broken, and if I
re-attach the correct feature resource, all theming is lost. 

When I move the folder back to the original position in the tree, then
the theming is back to how it was. 

So I'm assuming that somewhere there is a file that describes the
theming for a layer at a specific position in the tree, or of a specific
resource at a specific location. So if you moved a folder, this file
should be updated to the new position. 

Or is it already possible to keep theming rules while moving layers?


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