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Kori Maleski Kori.Maleski at websoftdev.com
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It would also be nice to be able to:

1 - Copy a layer that has themes and save it as a new layer.
2 - Load a new Feature Source that has identical file/db structure.
3 - re-assign the new layer copy's feature source to the new feature source
and preserve all themes.

Circumstances it would apply:

Creating a very complex themed layer on a file containing a subset of data;
and wanting to create an identically themed layer on a full set of data
without having to painstakingly recreate all themes.

Essentially you are creating a new layer and swapping the datasource.
This was something you could do in 6.5 and cut off hours of cartographic


A save/load themes function in Studio would be a dream.

A save/load colour palette would be an additional bonus.



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It would be nice if you could move a folder to another subfolder and be
able to keep theming rules. 

If I try to move a folder, now the reference is broken, and if I
re-attach the correct feature resource, all theming is lost. 

When I move the folder back to the original position in the tree, then
the theming is back to how it was. 

So I'm assuming that somewhere there is a file that describes the
theming for a layer at a specific position in the tree, or of a specific
resource at a specific location. So if you moved a folder, this file
should be updated to the new position. 

Or is it already possible to keep theming rules while moving layers?


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