SV: [mapguide-users] Raster Problems with MapGuide Studio 7

Martin Burrows martin.burrows at
Wed Jan 17 11:40:23 EST 2007

Hi Gary,

I previously had this problem, but SP1 sorted it out. If you don´t have SP1
installed, it´s a good idea to try it.






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Ämne: [mapguide-users] Raster Problems with MapGuide Studio 7


I am new to developing Mapguide sites and I am having problems with creating
a raster layer in MapGuide Studio 7. When I attempt to create a raster layer
(either a Mr. SID file or a georeferenced tiff file) the result is either
nothing is shown or the following error message:


            Feature Sources Invalid: Reason an exception occurred in the FDO
component. Failed to de-serialize the schema mapping from the configuration.


I am not sure what this means or what I am doing wrong. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.




Gary Ellsworth

GIS Manager/Regional Park Planner

Cleveland Metroparks

4101 Fulton Parkway

Cleveland, Ohio 44144


216-635-3286 (fax)


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