[mapguide-users] TIF Tiles are displayed with borderes and intervals

Takashige Nakagawa ta-nakagawa at apptec.co.jp
Thu Jan 18 06:05:28 EST 2007

Hi all.

I'd be very happy if I could get any imformations or ideas about 2 problems

<Problem 1>
I loaded some TIF files to Mapguide Open Source successfully.
When I zoom closer to the map, however, each tile is displayed with border
lines which I don't want (See the
attached file " thum_bordered_tiles.jpg " or

I tested loading TIF files on some other GIS soft wares (MapGuide6.3, ArcMap
etc…) , and no border lines were shown.

Does anyone know how to erase or hide border lines?

<Problem 2>
There are gap between each tiles.
For example, in the attached file " thum_vertical_interval.jpg " or
http://dqn.boy.jp/osgeo_questions/vertical_interval.jpg ,
you can see TIF tiles are displayed away from each other in vertical 

There is similar example in "raster10000" Layer in a package below.

Could you tell me what is wrong? Does it have anything with coordinate

Here again, MapGuide6.3 displays same tiles correctly. There are no vertical

Are these problems above well known?

I hope they are fixed on Ver 1.1.0.
If not, it's "deadly" I would say.


T. Nakagawa

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