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That would certainly be much appreciated, Andy. I would normally 
volunteer too, but in this case I can't....I can't install 1.1 on my 
server because it'll break my existing maps...and I can't test it on my 
own PC because that's where I use Studio, and I can't use Studio with 
both 1.0 and 1.1 (not without patching and unpatching, anyway - from 
what the mapguide page says). Hopefully we can get this figured out for 


Andy Morsell wrote:
>  I would be willing to test it on my end.  I have both MrSID and ECW images
> that I could test against.  Or, I could test with the images that come with
> GDAL - I believe you had some MrSID and ECW images in the test images
> directory?  I imagine other folks on this list would be willing to do
> similar testing if working towards the goal to achieve support in MGOS for
> these image formats.
> Andy 
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> Andrew DeMerchant wrote:
>> Ya, I'm the same way, which is why that "...Perhaps also for MrSID" 
>> comment from Frank really caught my attention!
> Folks,
> OK, how be I will for certain produce MrSID and ECW plugins that work with
> 1.1.0 on Windows if I can figure out how.
> Best regards,

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