[mapguide-users] MgByteSink ToFile method?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Jan 29 23:35:30 EST 2007

Sounds like you're working on a caching map server.  I'm planning to do something similar, extending the REST-style app that you were doing damage control on at AU to both write to disk and stream to the browser.  That way, I can make the web server handle the initial requests.  My script will be set up as the 404 (not found) handler and will build my cache incrementally.  Very similar to the standard caching system, but the nice thing is that subsequent requests don't incur any script overhead.
I'm doing something similar with database-driven HTML pages on one of my hobby sites.  There are some things to watch out for (such as using some kind of hashing scheme so that you don't end up with too many files in a single directory) but overall it's pretty effective at reducing load and improving response time.


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Thanks Steve.  I had something wrong with my path and finally got it right.  This works very well - I'm able to write a map created with the rendering service API directly to the file system.  And, the PNG transparency is preserved which is something the .NET Imaging assembly cannot currently do if you create a bitmap and write it to the file system.
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