[mapguide-users] RE: Creating SDF3 files

robert fritz robert-fritz at web.de
Tue Jan 30 03:12:15 EST 2007

Hi Jorge,

you can publish your autocad-drawing elements directly to a mapguide server (enterprise / opensource) wiht the "publish" function in map 2007. therefore you need to connect to a server (give a url) and login (as admin on the mapguide server). as i know, a dwf file is created not a sdf3 file. 

you can create sdf3 files in two different ways in map 2007:
- create a blank sdf3 , and use the FDO feature "bulk copy" to copy data from one fdo source (e.g. esri shape) to another fdo source (e.g. sdf3),
- create a blank sdf3 file and start digitizing in map or convert autocad drawing elements into sdf3 elements

Both functions are in the mapworkspace. take a look on the help (fdo),

Another way the get sdf3 files is to take sdf2 files or esri shape files, drag them into the MapGuide Studio and convert them to sdf3 files automaticlly ("load procedure") . the sdf3 files are stored in the repository, you can get them out of the repository using the studio again and save them as sdf3 files.

regards, robert

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