[mapguide-users] RE: MgTileService - GetTile - Cannot establishconnection

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 30 19:00:12 EST 2007

Are you hoping to generate rasters at higher dpi for printing purposes? 

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	I just ran into a case where exposing a Set DPI method to the
	MgRenderingService::RenderMap function would be very handy and would allow
	more control by the programmer.  I hope it is a considered addition to the
	API soon.
	Thank you.
	JasonBirch wrote:
	> I'm surprised that there are methods which are available to the MapAgent
	> but not the APIs. 
	> Was this a case of deliberate exclusion, or not enough time to get
	> everything in?  I can see there being some arguments for not exposing
	> these methods (only need them for rendering, etc) but there are
	> apparently going to be some use cases for accessing them :)
	> Jason
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	> Sorry about that - I forgot that the Set methods weren't exposed.
	> As Alain mentioned, currently the only way to update the view is via
	> certain HTTP requests.  GETMAP / GETMAPUPDATE / GETPLOT are used in the
	> context of DWFViewer, while GETMAPIMAGE and GETVISIBLEMAPEXTENT are used
	> in the context of AJAX Viewer.  You can include additional parameters
	> with any of these requests to update view related information:
	>     SETDISPLAYDPI=<dpi>
	>     SETDISPLAYWIDTH=<width>
	>     SETDISPLAYHEIGHT=<height>
	>     SETVIEWSCALE=<scale>
	>     SETVIEWCENTERX=<centerX>
	>     SETVIEWCENTERY=<centerY>
	> While you can use a viewer to make these requests for you, you can make
	> the HTTP requests yourself and get the same effect.  You could write an
	> application that:
	> 1) creates a session
	> 2) creates an MgMap for your MapDefinition that is part of your session
	> 3) makes one of the HTTP requests above
	>     - GETVISIBLEMAPEXTENT is the simplest
	>     - include the SETVIEWSCALE parameter with the request to set the
	> scale you want
	> 4) makes calls to GetTile
	> 5) repeats steps 3 and 4 for each desired scale
	> For steps 1 and 2 there's should be sample code under the MgMap
	> documentation.
	> For step 3 something like .NET's HttpRequest class probably works.  Just
	> make the request to your MG server, e.g.
	> http:://localhost/mapguide/mapagent?OPERATION=GETVISIBLEMAPEXTENT&VERSIO
	> N=1.0.0&SESSION=<sessionId>&MAPNAME=<mapName>&SETVIEWSCALE=<scale>
	> Here, mapName is the name from the MgMap.
	> Walt
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