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Tom Chadwin tom.chadwin at nnpa.org.uk
Wed Jan 31 04:24:38 EST 2007

As I mentioned before, I would strongly request print-res DPI facility
for print layouts.


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Originally I was thinking for viewing higher resolution tiles or
generated images but now realize that wouldn't help since screen
resolution is 96 dpi.  But, yes, for printing purposes it could be
handy.  I guess if the option is available in the mapagent operation, it
seems like it would make sense that it would also be available directly
in the API if possible.  



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Are you hoping to generate rasters at higher dpi for printing purposes? 


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	I just ran into a case where exposing a Set DPI method to the
	MgRenderingService::RenderMap function would be very handy and
would allow
	more control by the programmer.  I hope it is a considered
addition to the
	API soon.
	Thank you.
	JasonBirch wrote:
	> I'm surprised that there are methods which are available to
the MapAgent
	> but not the APIs. 
	> Was this a case of deliberate exclusion, or not enough time to
	> everything in?  I can see there being some arguments for not
	> these methods (only need them for rendering, etc) but there
	> apparently going to be some use cases for accessing them :)
	> Jason
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	> From: Walt Welton-Lair
	> Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 15:47
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	> Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] MgTileService - GetTile - Cannot
	> connection
	> Sorry about that - I forgot that the Set methods weren't
	> As Alain mentioned, currently the only way to update the view
is via
	> certain HTTP requests.  GETMAP / GETMAPUPDATE / GETPLOT are
used in the
	> context of DWFViewer, while GETMAPIMAGE and
	> in the context of AJAX Viewer.  You can include additional
	> with any of these requests to update view related information:
	>     SETDISPLAYDPI=<dpi>
	>     SETDISPLAYWIDTH=<width>
	>     SETDISPLAYHEIGHT=<height>
	>     SETVIEWSCALE=<scale>
	>     SETVIEWCENTERX=<centerX>
	>     SETVIEWCENTERY=<centerY>
	> While you can use a viewer to make these requests for you, you
can make
	> the HTTP requests yourself and get the same effect.  You could
write an
	> application that:
	> 1) creates a session
	> 2) creates an MgMap for your MapDefinition that is part of
your session
	> 3) makes one of the HTTP requests above
	>     - GETVISIBLEMAPEXTENT is the simplest
	>     - include the SETVIEWSCALE parameter with the request to
set the
	> scale you want
	> 4) makes calls to GetTile
	> 5) repeats steps 3 and 4 for each desired scale
	> For steps 1 and 2 there's should be sample code under the
	> documentation.
	> For step 3 something like .NET's HttpRequest class probably
works.  Just
	> make the request to your MG server, e.g.
	> Here, mapName is the name from the MgMap.
	> Walt
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