[mapguide-users] PostGIS - what is wrong whit that? - my todo list

Maciej Skorczewski maciej.skorczewski at procad.pl
Wed Jan 31 07:53:48 EST 2007


I try to show layer who is stored in Postgresql Database (whit PostGis)

Pleas check what i make wrong:
1. I convert shp file:

->  shp2pgsql input_shape_file.shp table_name > output.sql
2. i put in into database

-> psql -U postgresql -d database_name -f output.sql

3. I use Studio to create a Data Connection

i use OSGeo.OGR ,
connection string :
PG: host=localhost user=postgres dbname=postgis password=passw

...when i check data connection all is OK (Successful connection.)

4. then i create a layer
  (it is comes form Studio)

Data resorce: Library://test/postgis.FeatureSource

Feature Data Setup

Feature class: ORGSchema:siec
Geometry: the_geom    (? i think that it is error or bad. what sould?)

after that i don't see 	anything (blank screen)

so what is wrong?

in this url are zip archive whit my files. take a look.


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