[mapguide-users] FW: Problems while labeling polylines

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 1 18:33:53 EST 2008

The stitching part is independent of the composite line styles. The specific data source should not have an effect. The custom projection should not matter either.

As far as the logic for composite line styles, it is located at line 99 of StylizationUtil.cpp. The code has to enter the if condition in order for it to work (the comments there explain a bit of what's going on). If you look at the logic there and compare to your XML LayerDefinition, you may be able to tell why your line style definition does not conform to what the code expects.

The stitching code is not very smart, it uses a fixed 2 pixel Manhattan distance between line endpoints as the limit (it does all the math in pixel space, but in double precision). The relevant code is in LabelRendererBase.cpp, function CloseEnough().


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Traian, it's been bugging me for a while too since I remember one of your
previous post when you explained how composite layers should behave on
endcaps. I'm using managed feature source (MS SQL Server) if it's of any
importance, along with custom projection (WKT defined in feature source
match the one in MG Map, reprojection to LL works fine on both WMS and WFS).
I presume you're using certain fuzz factor to determine if network topology
being candidate for stitching is properly noded? Oh, this little quirk made
me code my own AJAX-based tree view :-)

Haven't had opportunity to check how latest MGOS works, but MGE 2008 won't
stitch them correctly.

Maksim Sestic

Traian Stanev wrote:
> Yes, that's what it looks like without the code that detects the composite
> line style. The code has been there for a long time (since release 1 in
> both open source and MGE) so I am not sure why it is not working in your
> case. Using two layers is equivalent functionality though, even in terms
> of performance. I'll check to make sure the code is still working in the
> latest build.

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