[mapguide-users] Select To Features & Zoom

Ivan Milicevic Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr
Wed Jan 16 08:35:38 EST 2008

parent.mapFrame.ExecuteMapAction(10) ; 

Code	 Action	
1	 Enter Pan mode	
2	 Pan up	
3	 Pan down	
4	 Pan right	
5	 Pan left	
6	 Enter Zoom mode	
7	 Zoom in	
8	 Zoom out	
9	 Zoom to rectangle	
10	 Zoom to selection	
11	 Zoom to map extents	
12	 Go to previous view	
13	 Go to next view	
14	 Zoom to initial view	
15	 Enter selection mode	
16	 Select radius	
17	 Select polygon	
18	 --	
19	 Clear selection	
20	 Refresh map	
21	 Copy map to clipboard	
22	 About	


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Hi All,
          I am working  on some application and what i want to do is that when i query and get the results in the grided format with  icon(Link) for the records and when i click on that link/icon  I can  zoom to that geometry (ZoomToView) as well as select that geometry and display the record in the property pane,I am able to do the zoom to view for different record but how can  i select the features as well as display the property in the property pane at the same time.Looking for some kind of suggestions.
Max !!


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