[mapguide-users] Initial Map-Load Time

Bruce Dechant bruce.dechant at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 29 11:45:22 EST 2008

The initial map loading delay is because none of the data needed  by the server is cached, ie: FDO connection, schema, class, spatial context information, etc...
Once the map has been loaded this information is cached by the server and makes returning it very quick for subsequent users.

The server eventually clears this cache after the information has not been used for a set period of time (default is about 10 minutes). You can adjust the amount of time before the server clears this information by changing the following parameters in the serverconfig.ini.

The following will set the FDO connection timeout to 1 day instead of the default of 10 minutes.
DataConnectionTimeout = 86400


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The first user of the day to "hit" my MG site (MGE 2008) always has to wait about 20 seconds for the initial map to load. Once the map is loaded, subsequent map actions take a very acceptable 2 seconds or even less. Also, other users who log onto the site at about the same time as user1 do not see this initial delay. If however, there is extended period of server inactivity, this initial map delay returns. (I assume once all session have expired)

Is there a way to avoid this initial map loading delay?

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