[mapguide-users] Maestro issues

andresch at iway.na andresch at iway.na
Fri Oct 3 04:50:13 EDT 2008

I have 3 issues on Maestro 1.09 and before adding them to the trac,
please review first:

1) When adding composite lines like to highways,meaning I have added 2
line type entries in the composite line section. the lines in only
displayed when I select the line.

2) Also on the composite lines; if I have added 2 line types, but not
deleting the 2nd line type enrty (to go back to single linetype), I
de-select the composite line checkbox. When trying to save, I got an error.

3) After I completed defining data connections, layers, maps and layouts
and successfully view the map; and I then move these into sub-folders
for each (like Data, Layers, Maps, Layouts folders). When refreshing the
map previewed, I got an error. I had to delete the layers from the
layout and add them again. Then refresh the map works 100%

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