[mapguide-users] SQL Server 2000 FDO

George McLean gmclean at gorge.net
Tue Oct 14 12:44:06 EDT 2008

This may be more of a Mapguide Studio question but I will ask it anyway.

I have built a datastore in SQL Server 2000 that works will with Autocad 
Map 2008. I can store and retrieve features using the Autodesk provider 
for SQL Server.

I am using MG Studio 2008 and would like to build a data connection to 
this SQL Server datastore. I have copied the SQL Server entry from the 
providers.xml associated with Map 2008 to the  Mapguide Studio 
providers.xml and the MGOS providers.xml. I have also copied  the 
following 3 files to the FDO folders  for  MGOS and Studio:


In studio when I create a new data connection, I do not see SQL Server 
as an option. Can Studio be set up to use this provider with MGOS? Are 
there licensing issues?

It appears the SL-King provider requires SQL Server 2005 and I am not 
sure my client wants to upgrade or even use the SQL Express version.

I can fall back to my MySQL based solution if needed but the client 
would prefer SQL server.


George McLean

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