[mapguide-users] SQL Server 2000 FDO

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Oct 14 13:39:38 EDT 2008


Those are part of Autodesk's proprietary SQL Server provider, so yes
there are likely licensing issues.  It may work with MGOS, but you
probably legally have to have a license for MGE to use it.  If your
client prefers SQL Server you may be better off moving to Map
2009/MGOS2.0.2/SQL Server 2008.  This allows you to access SQL Server's
new Spatial support, and doesn't lock you into the semi-proprietary data
structure of the original ADSK SQL Server provider.  It's a relatively
untested provider though...

A couple things to check on your original problem:

- is the FDO version the same between Map 2008 and the version of
MapGuide you are running.

- have you re-started the MapGuide service?  The providers list is

You should not have to modify your Studio providers.xml list; I believe
that the local FDO installation is only used for load procedures.
Everything else should use the Server providers.  Could be wrong though.

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From: George McLean
Subject: [mapguide-users] SQL Server 2000 FDO


I am using MG Studio 2008 and would like to build a data connection to 
this SQL Server datastore. I have copied the SQL Server entry from the 
providers.xml associated with Map 2008 to the  Mapguide Studio 
providers.xml and the MGOS providers.xml.


there licensing issues?

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