[mapguide-users] Maestro: can't find the table containing the geometry field with SQLServerSpatial

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Wed Oct 15 08:17:12 EDT 2008

Ok. That at least traces the problem away from Maestro.
The problem is now, determining if it is in MapGuide or FDO.
You can access the MSSql server without MapGuide, by using the FDO toolbox:

If you cannot see the schema's there, I recomend that you create a 
ticket on the FDO trac.
Otherwise, you should create a ticket on the MapGuide trac.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

Carl skrev:
> Yes, I tried http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/index.html. the returned xml
> covers only fewer tables of database. 
> Then I create a new database, add table one by one, and try 'describeschema'
> from above web page.  I couldn't find the rule the FDO/MapGuide used to enum
> the tables. all the tables are owned by the same dbo, but when the count of
> tables arrives at a large number, the return would become incomplete. which
> is chosen to be returned can't be determined by a fixed rule, or at least I
> can't find the rule.
> Where I should report this problem? 
> Could you please help me?
> Thank you!
> Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S wrote:
>> I guess there should be an "unmapped type" - type, to deal with 
>> situations like this.
>> You can set it to "string", and it should read out just fine.
>> I have created a ticket for the problem:
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/ticket/724
>> As you may have noticed, Maestro issues calls to a web interface on the 
>> MapGuide server:
>> http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/index.html
>> On this test form/web interface, you can try the "Feature" -> 
>> "DescribeSchema".
>> Leave the "Schema" field blank, and you will get the output from 
>> MapGuide, which in turn should be
>> the output directly from FDO.
>> If the tables are missing there, you cannot get them into Maestro.
>> If the tables are present, please file a bug report for Maestro, and 
>> include the resulting xml in the ticket.
>> If the tables are missing (which I suspect), it could be a problem with 
>> permissions.
>> Could it be that the provider only shows tables which are owned by the 
>> login user?
>> Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S
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