[mapguide-users] dllhost high CPU - proj.dll and MgGeometry.dll are the problems...

Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca
Fri Oct 17 14:38:50 EDT 2008

Hmm - ok, so what's the fix? I suppose I could write an app that looks 
for dllhost.exe and when it's running over 99% for x seconds, kill it. 
That seems a bit much though, not to mention a little dangerous -  
Should I make a trac entry, I wonder?


On 10/17/2008 3:34 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Andrew DeMerchant wrote:
>> Sometimes, if I really do a lot of playing around on some of my sites 
>> (lots of zooming, panning, printing, etc) I get some 
>> problems....dllhost.exe starts taking more and more CPU %. After a 
>> few minutes, it gets up to 100%. If I kill the process, all's well.
>> After looking at it with Sysinternals Process Explorer, it seems that 
>> the culprits are actually proj.dll and MgGeometry.dll. Now, I have no 
>> idea what this means, but here's what Process Explorer has to say 
>> about it:
>> the CSwitch Deta number is really high - 1000-4000
>> The 2 threads at fault are:
>> proj.dl!dmstor+0x3a17
> Andrew,
> For reference, the proj.dll dmstor() function converts angular values
> expressed as a DMS string into radians in numeric form.  In use from 
> mapguide
> I believe it would only be used when doing pj_init() to convert a 
> coordinate
> system description in string format to an internal coordinate system
> description.
> I imagine there is some sort of systematic problem at a high level with
> left over requests continuing to be processed after they are no longer
> needed.  I am doubtful that dmstor itself is at fault.
> Best regards,

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