[mapguide-users] After adding shape files with Maestro, layers, map, etc.

Nelson Soto NSoto at plotplans.com
Mon Oct 20 13:56:43 EDT 2008

I basically copied most of the Sheboygan stuff, including the
FlexibleLayouts, but supplemented the things I saw Sheboygan reference
with my sample data. When trying to preview the map via the
FlexibleLayouts, I get the layout but no data. A JS error occurs saying 


Error Line 120: 'maps' is null or not an object.


So, I'm assuming I haven't set something up correctly.


For my SHP connections, must I set up a temp dir? I have tried to set up
an Alias  to a tempdir but Maestro keeps telling me there are no aliases
set despite that I went through Web Site Admin and set one up. The
settings through Web Admin were saved successfully.

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