[mapguide-users] Modify layout and layer on map

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Thu Feb 5 02:34:28 EST 2009

If you are modifying the layout, you probably want to run your code 
before starting the application.

To do so, simply provide the end user with a link to your special page.
In that page, do the setup, and then redirect to the MapGuide viewer 
files (Response.Redirect).

If you want to modify the map, while running the viewer, you can either 
setup a handler for the maps "OnLoad",
which trigger your special page, or you can put in pages through "Custom 
Actions" on the layout.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

euskalmap skrev:
> hi,
> I developed a program which modify layout and layer on the map.
> I do not who can i call this program (it is an aspx file with C# code) : 
> in a file in the directory mapguide/mapviewernet and with a #include or 
> after the last instruction who lad the map in a mapguide file  ?
> I don't no who ?
> I will not modify mapguide file to avoid the errors at the time of new the
> version mapguide.
> Have you an idea ?

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