[mapguide-users] Can this be done with MGOS?

Franco Caloni francomailing at nitris.it
Thu Feb 5 06:41:42 EST 2009

Hi all, this is my first post :)
I need to do some general questions about MGOS, to see if it fit my needs
before start using it.
I have a win32 application which i want to rewrite for the web. This
application manage traffic signs.
Here:  http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/1167/immaginejs2.jpg 

you can see what I need to "replicate" with MGOS.
Basically, I display a dwg file as background draw, then the end user,
through the buttons on the left of the form can create, move, rotate, delete
every single sign as needed.
As you can see signs are displayed as "horizontal section" of the sign
itself; behind the scene I store in a database the X,Y coord of the point,
the rotation, ecc., then the application display the proper "autocad like"
block. I have 4-5 blocks: 1 with a circle and a line, 1 with 1 circle and 2
lines, one with 3 lines, and one with 4 lines depending on how many sings
are there on the support and on which side they are.
(referring to the image you can see difference of signs #5129, #5125 and

I have already downloaded and installed MGOS, and I got my first dwg
displayed, in the next days i'll try add the "create new sign"
functionality, but the questions are:

-I didn't see any example or docs about rotating and moving features or
symbols: it is possible to give to the end user the possibility to
rotate&move a feature directly on the map? I mean: the user select a
feature, then click on the proper button "move" or "rotate", then click
again on the map for the new position or move the mouse to give right
rotation to the object.
If yes can someone tell me how? (which functons, api, code samples, every
suggestion is wellcome)

- giving that the answer to question 1 is yes :), for my needed, it's better
that signs will be symbols or feature with a geometry?



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