[mapguide-users] Oracle SDO Geometry to MgGeometry

Jonio, Dennis (Aviation) DJonio at miami-airport.com
Mon Feb 9 12:37:13 EST 2009

1) You must(should) use Mapguide's FDO interface for this.
2) The Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY type is NOT a WKT type. 

If you find the above not to your liking you could do your own
translation from SDO_GEOMETRY to MgGeometry. I have done it but I found
it to be absolutely no fun at all. IMHO it would be best to stick with
Haris K's KingOra FDO implementation. Not perfect but it has come a long

If you have not been already, look here:
and here: http://www.topologyframework.blogspot.com/ for additional info
on sdo_geometry, conversions etc. 


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