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Mark Pendergraft markp at Meadgilman.com
Wed Feb 11 12:33:51 EST 2009

Yes, I had this problem too.  I take it you are using Internet Explorer?  A comma following the last function in a list breaks in IE, but I believe it doesn't in FireFox.


-Mark P.

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I'm looking at MapGuideViewerApi.js for use it's Digitize... functions and
just discovered that there are errors in that file.
These 2 errors make MapGuideViewerApi.js not usable (at least for me).
If you have Visual Studio, open MapGuideViewerApi.js with it and see.
The 2 errors are at line 252 and 320.

Remove the "," char at the end of line, then .js works fine.




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I have migrated different applications ('theme layer' and 'query') onto
fusion. The following lines of the javascript code encounter errors: 
*	parent.parent.Refresh(); 
*	parent.parent.mapFrame.ZoomToView(feature.centerX, feature.centerY,
scale, true); 
*	parent.parent.mapFrame.SetSelectionXML(TrimString(selectionXml)); 
For the "theme layer" application, I have referenced the
"MapGuideViewerApi.js" in the script and I have changed the
"parent.parent.Refresh();" by "Refresh()"  without success. 

Errors referenced in firebug:
*	Fusion is not defined 
MapGuideViewerApi.js()        MapGuideViewerApi.js (line172)
Fusion.Tool.Canvas.prototype.getMap = function()

*	Fusion is undefined 
Refresh()     MapGuideViewerApi.js (line 33)
For the "query" application, I have no solution. 
Could you help me to resolve these problems? 
Arnaud De Groof

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